Model Train Displays Destroyed in Georgetown Fire

A weekend fire at the historic Georgetown Train Station damaged more than the building. The Delaware SeaSide Railroad Club said it lost up to $40,000 in trains and equipment on the second floor of the building. President John Hodges said some pieces cannot be replaced because the manufacturer is out of business. “My colleague told us that we had a real serious situation,” Hodges said. “The building was fully involved upstairs and we probably lost everything.” In total, five model train displays were destroyed in the May 7 fire, Hodges said. One display was not in the building at the time. Investigators determined the fire started on the second floor but have not pinpointed a cause. The rail club was finishing up an open house at the time.


“The club, especially, lost a lot of value and a lot of money in trains, train accessories, tracks, transformers and all the equipment it took to set these displays up,” Hodges said. The Greater Georgetown Chamber of Commerce occupied space on the first floor, which mostly saw smoke and water damage, Hodges said. Mayor Brian Pettyjohn said the group is temporarily working out of space at town hall. Train club members are scheduled to return to the building on Friday in hopes of salvaging some pieces. In the meantime, volunteers hope to raise the necessary funds to buy new trains.
Hodges said the club’s goal is to replace the trains and have displays ready in time for Christmas.

Courtesy of Wboc News